Creative Tumbling

Short course

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In this class we will look at different skills and progressions to work on basic skills (eg. handstands, cartwheels, rolls) and incorporate alternatives and creative pathways within them. We will also focus on different ways to connect one skill to another creatively. 

Open to all levels, however an awareness to rolling and being upside down is preferred.

This class will be taught by Maite Miramontes.

Contact for any issues booking in or queries.

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What you will learn
  • • Improve your ability to move, bend, invert, balance and flow.
  • • Open your mind to creative ways of linking your existing skills and you may even discover new movement pathways.
What you will get
  • New ground based skills and knowledge

What to bring
  • • Enthusiasm, water bottle and healthy snack
What to wear

Whatever they are comfortable in

Appropriate for

Women, trans and non binary people

Refund & Cancellation Policy

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Terms & Conditions

Kids and Teens


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